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Seekbot checks your web page.

Seekbot is a lite version of the Seekport Crawler. It was developed to help web masters check and adapt their web pages to ensure they are built to a good standard for search engines. This will help with gain a good ranking on Seekport and other search engines.


Seekport like other search engines collect their information with a 'Spider', also known as a 'Bot' or 'Crawler'. We will refer to this as a 'Crawler'. These Crawlers trawl the Internet gathering information on new resources. They work by moving from one link to the next and 'reading' the content of each web page, much like a normal web user does. However there are major differences between how a user and the Crawler reads the information. The main differences are detailed below.

  • Crawlers read the 'source code' of your web page, i.e the HTML code. Many HTML editors and some web agencies do not produce well-formed code and concentrate purely on accessibility for humans. They offen leave out elements of the source code vital for search engines.

  • Crawlers analyse all text elements of your web page. This may sound trivial, but can become a serious problem if the text of a web page contains little or no content. i.e. A "welcome" page, greeting picture or just "click here".

  • Crawlers are unable to read pictures or any text that is contained in the pictures i.e or graphic elements. The same applies to Flash animations. Therefore the Crawler ignores this content. The crawler identifies links using the a-element and the 'href=' attribute. Therefore your links should look something like this:-

    <a href="http://www.seekport.co.uk/">Seekport</a>

    N.B. Any link included in a Flash animation or generated with Javascript will not be read.

How does it work?

It's very simple:

  1. Enter the web address you would like analysed. i.e (http://www.seekport.co.uk)
  2. Click on 'Check Site'.

Seekbot analyses all elements within the source code of the selected web page that are important for search engines. Thus web masters can see how a search engine's Crawler reads their web page.

Seekbot is a free search engine compatibility check. Try it!

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